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Fine Crafted Pens

Pens are hand made in New Jersey, USA from various hard woods. They have ball-point, roller-ball, or fountain pen tips and use Cross, Parker, or Waterman refills. Some of the woods used include: Walnut, Oak, Sycamore, Kingwood, Ebony, Poplar, Marblewood, Redheart, Maple and others.


Pens are polished and finished with various oils and waxes.


  • I have a small quantity of pens available but most are custom made to order. With dozens of wood types and dozens of pen designs, the number of possible combinations is astronomical. Please see the Photo Gallery for recommended types.

This is a Guardian Jr. rollerball pen made with Kingwood wood. Impressive, robust and easy to grip with its 9/16 inch rubber gripping area. The mechanism is a simple push-button. Available in Gold or Chrome.